Posted by Chad Kilinski on Oct 7, 2011

A Special Sneak Peek of Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, is looking to end a dry spell for the company by releasing Max Payne 3 early next year in March.  As with any game, this game needed to be hyped, so Rockstar invited Stephen Totilo from Kotaku to have an exclusive sneak peek of their next highly anticipated shooter.  Stephen traveled to Rockstar’s New York City offices in order to get some juicy information for us gamers.

Stephen wasn’t able to physically play the game, but he was shown two levels after a lengthy talk with Rockstar PR and some presentations about the game.  One of the first things that Rockstar wanted to put forth is that they wanted to be on the top of the pack when it comes to in-game cinematics.  As Stephen was watching, he noticed that gameplay and cinematics were seamlessly integrated with each other.  A cinematic would take over your screen, and then instantly you would be required to control your character to finish up the scene and vice versa.

Rockstar wanted to put as much effort into framing the action of the game that they possibly could.  This game also had a vibe of slower, in-your-face combat which didn’t require much use of cover.  Anyone who has played a Max Payne game knows of the mechanic integrated into the game that allows the player to slow action and concentrate on the small things such as dodging bullets.  This concept continues in the third game of the series and takes over as the star of the game.

Stephen stated that he was expecting a game of replayability, but it appeared to him that the game was very linear without much option.  The only aspect of the game that gave you options was the slow-mo feature, it seemed.  Stephen said that he can’t wait to play the game and I share that feeling with him.  I’ll definitely be trying this game when it is released.


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