Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 11, 2011

Finally Confirmed: Mass Effect 3 Will Include Multiplayer

Mass Effect 3 Executive Producer Casey Hudson has finally confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer. The announcement, coming via Twitter, stated that co-op missions for the game are real, and “they’re spectacular.” This announcement was also confirmed in the Australian gaming magazine PC PowerPlay.

An earlier teaser announcement stated that Mass Effect 3 would be receiving a “killer new feature,” and we believe this was it. No further details have been announced about this addition, so all we know right now is that the game will offer co-op multiplayer missions. I assume that these multiplayer portions of the game will allow friends to pick up and play as squad members in your team, and may even offer up some split-screen play.

Hudson promises more information soon, and this announcement has already stirred plenty of excitement among fans and players alike. We can only wonder what other changes and features can be expected in the Mass Effect universe, and ponder the affect that this new announcement will have on the series already. As more turns up about this and other features, we will be here to update.


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