Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 12, 2011

Net Loot: A SAWesome Tribute To The Gears of War Franchise

If there is one thing I would love more than tearing the Locust and Lambent horde apart in the Gears of War series, it’s seeing the game’s signature weapon put to the test in real life. Well, maybe not the entire weapon gets put on display, but the most important part of it shines. In a great tribute video, artist Griffon Ramsey shows us just what destructive creativity a chainsaw can wield.

In the video below, Ramsey takes a chainsaw to a block of wood, ultimately creating a version of the Crimson Omen, the red skull and cog that’s known as a logo for the franchise. Throughout the video Ramsey lays waste to the wood like a chain sawing through a Locust chest cavity. The result is actually striking.

It’s awesome to see what people can accomplish when they set their mind to it. What better to show your love for a game than to take the destructive power of one of its most coveted weapons and create a work of art with it? Check out the video below and remind yourself, that wood could be you.


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