Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 11, 2011

Pre-Order Afterfall: InSanity For Just A Buck

For all you survival horror buffs out there, we’ve got some great news. Pre-orders for the new Afterfall: InSanity title are being taken as we speak. Of course, these pre-orders are only available for the digital copy of the PC version. The best news about this availability? You can score your copy for just a buck right now.

On the game’s official site, pre-orders are available for just one dollar a piece. You can even reserve multiple copies at once and gift them to your friends. For each pre-order you lock in you’ll receive a PC game key, with these keys you can offer copies of the game out to plenty of friends.

If the target goal is reached for the game, then Nicholas Games will release the game among the peer to peer networks within a Torrent, and ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to one of the largest charity organizations in the world.. If the goal isn’t reached, however, all of the proceeds from the pre-orders will be donated. The developer is really letting down the drawbridge with this announcement, and they’ve got one big idea in mind: if they can get 10 million people to pre-order the game, they will let it go for just one dollar. Nicholas Games wants to “prove that high-class games do not have to be associated with high price tags.” If you’re a survival horror fan, this is something you don’t want to miss. Head on over and slap down your pre-orders now, and while you’re at it grab some for a few friends.

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