Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 7, 2011

Rage Patch To Fix Graphics Issues By Enabling Video Options

As I said in my review of the game earlier in the week, I really enjoyed Rage. However, if you’re not able to enjoy the game due to slow texture loading or screen tearing, then you’re going to be one unhappy customer. We already know that AMD has released an updated graphics driver to combat the issue, however, we’ve been waiting on something a little more from id and Bethesda.

We’ve just heard from our contact at Bethesda that both companies are hard at work on a patch that will add something that should have been included with the PC version of the game at launch. That’s right, real video options. No specifics were given, just that they would be fully customizable. This will hopefully mean that you will be able to eliminate the current issues by tweaking the various settings, rather than relying on the game to automatically adjust them for you.

According to our source, the patch should be hitting as early as tomorrow, which will hopefully give gamers the better part of the weekend to actually enjoy the game. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Update 10/9/11: The new patch has gone live.

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  • generalslappy

    Ok, what about the load screen crashing? Are they just going to ignore that and say it’s “fixed”.

  • deathtalker

    I hope that fixes it I tried the the ati rage performance driver but they where for hd 5000 and up and of course i have a hd 4670 1 gig. i have no proplems playing any other game.

  • Sk8

    Well I have the Radeon HD 6990 and the oct 4 ati rage fix did not help me much :{ I have done eveything Bethesda said in the ccc and it made it so I locked up every min :{ So I started to play in the ccc and got it so I only lock up every 5 or 10 min now :/ This patch needs to come out and ati needs to get it together as the rage patch they put out did not fully fix anything and it gave me a headach w/ issues on my samsung 3 monitors in 1 :{

  • generalslappy

    Yeah, I’ve done everything AMD, Bethesda, and id have recommended.. including the CCC changes and the 2nd driver update. I’m still getting the lockup, especially at MBTV and Ghost Hideout..


    AMD Catalyst 11.9 (I avoided 11.10 preview due to negative reviews for RAGE)
    ATI Radeon HD 6850 (8.892.3.0)
    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (OC’d at 3.80GHz)
    8GB RAM
    16GB VRAM
    WIN7 64bit

  • deathtalker

    I just tried something and it work mostly, i uninstalled ati drivers completely and just installed the AMD Catalyst™ – Rage Performance Driver here http://www2.ati.com/drivers/hotfix/amd_catalyst_rage_performance_driver.exe
    “it says it work for hd4000 and up”
    but when i did this, it stop freezing, it is just a little laggy but playable enough untill they come out with patch.

  • deathtalker

    AMD Catalyst 11.9
    ATI Radeon HD 4670 1 gig ddr3
    AMD Athlon 64×2 4400+ 2.3Ghz 3.2GHz overclocked
    6 gig ram ddr2 800mhz
    win vista 64bit

  • deathtalker
  • acquire

    You guys should update to the latest preview2 11.10 drivers amd just released. They fix lots of crashing and npc flickering problems, along with giving support to the engines auto vsync thing. It’s still not optimal performance sadly, but way better than before where my game woulc constantly crash.

  • slayfer3k

    i did the update to 11.9 but it didnt fix anything at all i did the first mission and it was horrible, the walls were flicking and the ground and everything so i did the 11.10 abd it has fixed it enough to play but now every now and again it crashes during game play and also it crashes during loading (sometimes), would it pain to have an autosave feature like say every 20 mins or so (i know it does at the start of each mission)

  • generalslappy

    Not sure if everyone is aware of this yet.. but there is a version 2 of the 11.10 driver. It says that it helps stop the crashing during loading screens. I’ll post an update once installed and tried.

    for now, here’s the link: http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/GPU122AMDCat1110PreDriverV2.aspx

  • generalslappy

    The patch didn’t work. It’s still crashing at every loading screen. Also, it’s much more glitchy, the enemies are having strange spasms, I have a floating shell above every weapon, and I’m getting “blue” textures everywhere.

    This patch has made things worse for me, at least.

  • Sickleh

    The first rage “fixed” drivers fixed my FPS but caused so many more issues, mainly textures being where they shouldn’t be. Floor on the walls, walls on the floor….

  • deathtalker

    this is for hd 4000-6000 series

    This was the only thing that helped me, I had to uninstall ati from control panal restart then install only the rage drivers from http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/GPU121AMDCatRagePerfDriver.aspx

    Then resart again and it was playable for me anyway, it would not crash or freeze up every 2sec or so. but was still kind of slow but hopefully the patch from the game has graphics control.