Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 31, 2011

Skyrim Trailer: From Concept To Reality

With Skyrim approaching ever more quickly as the days pass, we wait in exasperated anticipation to immerse ourselves into the game. Every shred of information concerning this game is like a new present to us, and we want to rip the paper off it so we can see it and get onto the next thing. Every now and then though, we take a moment to think of what all went into the game.

This trailer is one that will likely go unnoticed by most, but it holds an unspoken story. The story that we don’t see. In a transition from concept art to reality (virtual reality that is) we get to see an idea come to life.

Yes, I’m aware this is just a commercial, but think of all the countess hours that went into a single piece of scenery. There were sketches, concept art, and thousands, if not millions of reworkings on the graphics that would be in the actual game. It’s these sort of things that make me absolutely burst with excitement for the game, as the company obviously wants you to see the process and time that went into it. Thumbs up Bethesda. Oh, by the way, MEAT!

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