Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 23, 2011

Access Morrowind And Cyrodil In Skyrim

One nosey Skyrim player was travelling the lands of Skyrim and noticed something peculiar. He was near the border of Skyrim and found an invisible wall into Morrowind and that got his brain churning. You can read the whole story with pictures below.

This curious player was at the southeastern most past of Skyrim near Stendarr’s Beacon. Looking at the world map, you’ll notice that this is the closest place to Morrowind. Travel direct northeast of the Beacon and you’ll find a lovely path on the right in between the mountains. The scenery is awe-inspiring.

Start down that path and while taking in all of the scenery you’ll notice you start to see a structure up ahead. The closer you get the clearer it becomes and you notice it’s an archway. Try to walk through and the game denies you with an invisible wall. Why would the developers of Skyrim integrate this gate if we weren’t allowed to get through?

Looking through the archway you’ll notice that the attention to detail remains immaculate. The explorer wanted to know what lies beyond the wall so he turned off clipping using console commands and continued on his journey into Morrowind. The trees and greenery continued for a while but the detail started to slowly fade away as he travelled farther and farther.

In the last picture you’ll notice a very large mountain in the background. Wanting to know which mountain this was and where it was located, the explorer pulled up his map and found out he was facing northeast. The only notable mountain that was in the direction he was facing was Red Mountain in Vvardenfell. Vvardenfell is part of Morrowind, so that confirms the fact that the development team built Morrowind into Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

He went on with his adventure and found many notable land masses that he recognized from past games. These masses weren’t built to scale of their predecessors, but you are able to identify the similarities. Here’s a picture of Imperial City as viewed in Oblivion versus viewed in Skyrim. A picture of Eastern Cyrodiil is added to the gallery below.

It’s all speculation as to why these land masses are built into Skyrim. One explanation is to make the 3D map more realistic with all of the land masses visible through the clouds. Another guess is to make room for future DLC or even to make room for the modding community.



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