Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 13, 2011

Guide To Getting Married In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game of unlimited possibilities. Each person has a different outcome to events and no two people will ever experience the same two plot lines. Love can even be part of the plot while playing the newest Elder Scrolls game.

To begin your quest for love and marriage, you’ll first need one single item. You need to acquire the Amulet of Mara by purchasing it from Maramal. To find her, you’ll need to venture to the Bee and Barb, and inn located within Riften. Once there, speak to her, ask to be enlightened, and ask about marriage in Skyrim. Once that is done, you’ll have the option to buy the amulet. It’ll run you about 200 gold. When purchased and worn, this amulet opens up extra dialogue for certain NPCs.

You’ll only need to do a few more things and you’ll be tying the knot with a lucky NPC! Once you have the amulet equipped, talk to someone that has shown some liking towards you. If you can’t find anyone that likes you, you’ll just need to do some nice things and you’ll notice their moods start to change. When you find that special someone, you’ll notice the extra dialogue. Accept their love request and speak with Maramal in the Temple of Mara. The wedding ceremony will then be scheduled for 24 hours after you talked to Maramal. Be sure to be on time so that you don’t stand your significant other up! If you picked an optimal lover (one who owns a store or something) you’ll receive gold and meals from them.  The full video is below.


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  • Matt

    nice work i might get married if i can ever find this riften place and servive long enough to get there.

  • Schmidt

    ok? so how do u trigger that cut scene of him talking? i go in there and there is nothing

  • Madyson

    This is so cool:)

  • kim

    i killed some folks that attacked me outside riften and got the amulet off of one of their bodies

  • John

    Member of the opposite sex? What about members of the same sex? Aren’t gay marriages allowed?

  • Brandon

    Same sex marriages are also part of the game. That “opposite sex” part is incorrect.

  • April

    Okay, so it’s not Bioware quality by any stretch or the imagination but its cute and has some nice after perks . Worth it for the achievement if nothing else

  • Shadow654

    He is not there. I can’t find him

  • http://GamerFront.net Chad Kilinski

    Try looking in the Temple of Mara!

  • HawaiianCC

    Weird glitch, lydia (companion that follows you after becoming thane) shows up to the ceremony, only problem is she’s dead. Her corpsr pops yhrough doot and my bride to be walks back out and log days I failed to attend my wedding…

  • Devon

    cool can you marry like anyone? that will be pretty cool.

  • Mindmedic

    u can get it from the same dude in the temple in riften if hes not in the bar preaching .

  • Shadow654

    Thank you ^_^

  • Niir Mourncrow

    Any amulet of Mara found anywhere in the world will work, but only if you’ve spoken to Maramel.

    Also, you can get married to members of the same sex.

  • Reymaz

    haha the video is 4 min 20 secs long “420”

  • Chadwick

    This is pretty sweet. Definitely have to marry a shop owner chick, gold dig some o’ that foodage n coinage.

  • dillin

    Hey uhm.. I proposed to camilla, then i realised i wanted to marry someone else, so i killed her, whole thing got ruined and i resurrected her, wont talk to me, cant ask anyone else to marry me, any help? :(

  • Dia

    I got married to my former bodyguard; I had to ‘un-hire’ him first. But just before the ceremony was over, he turned and walked out, even though we were pronounced married and now I can’t find him anywhere! His old hangout was the tavern in Markarth, but I’ve checked there. Is this a glitch? I’d tried to marry him when he was still my bodyguard, but things got all messed up and I kept getting the ‘failed’ ending. On top of that, the body of my dead (former) bodyguard kept showing up in the doorway. Weird!

    So now I’m looking for my absent husband and he’s nowhere to be found. Any ideas, anyone?

  • http://Thisone Chris

    Ok I go to get married and I change my mind after I click “I do, now and forever” and so I got the trophy and then loaded a previos save before all that because I want to marry a different girl and I show up to my wedding and it’s all good but the priest doesnt say anything and he won’t give the freakin vowels even when I show up and i and i am wearing the amulet of Mara. What in oblivion do I freaking do cause I want to get married!?

  • Riky

    i wanted to mave to my wifes house but i dont know where shhe is so does any one know where breylna or something live (the mage girl from the college)

  • Chris

    I killed Lydia so it wouldn’t be weird for my wife ^_^