Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Nov 3, 2011

Russian Dancing Men

Everyone loves a good iOS game right? On top of that, we also love adorable songs that get stuck in our heads for months. All I need say is Badgers, Kenya, and Magical Trevor, and I have ruined you for at least the next two hours.

The same makers of these video extravaganzas have created Russian Dancing Men. You get to travel through various worlds that go with songs that speak of amazing horses, crabs, and narwhals. There are only four buttons to control your dancing comrade, with conveniently only four different obstacles to face. You have a loops, pits, hurdles, and spikes to avoid, but at least you do it to the beat of some snazzy music.

It is a rhythm game, so you should try to have some knowledge of the songs beforehand, as they have some tempo changes in the middle of the songs. That will make things pretty difficult if you aren’t expecting it. I was sold on the fact that there’s a new song in the game, but it looks like a fun way to pass time on the bus. Even more fun if you play it without headphones on, so everyone can join in your songs.


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