Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 2, 2011

Infinity Blade II Popular On iTunes, Though Suffering From Crashing Issues After Crunch

Infinity Blade II may be the most popular game on iTunes right now, but players are chiming in from all over with crash issues that are causing a lot of despair. Most reviews are hitting the top ratings for those who can run the game, but the underbelly is brimming with frustration. Fans who own the game on an iPad seem to be having the most trouble.

In response to the issue, the game’s developer promises that a solution is coming.

“We’ve discovered an issue with some users who are running Infinity Blade II on iPad 1 and iPod touch devices. We are working to have a fix for this issue ASAP.”

Chair Entertainment offered this statement about the game in hopes to curb some player aggression. Infinity Blade II, as most reviewers have put it, is a “$7 loading screen.” Hopefully the fix will come sooner than later, but given the recent tough time the developer has went under, it’s easy to see why an issue like this can show up.

Of course, I am referring to the recent “crunch” that Chair stated they were under to push the game out on time. The developer created, polished, and finished Infinity Blade II in just six months, forcing a lot of stress to enter their office. They released a statement on this crunch period, saying that many of them were “burnt out” while working on the game. Though the game took these six months to complete, “it required for us, for the last two or three months, to just death march kill ourselves..We don’t look at that like that’s a good thing at all. We only did it because we definitely, passionately wanted to get the game done, and we wanted a little more in there,” as explained by Chair co-founder Donald Mustard. He commented that the team “definitely won’t do that again.”

Though it has some issues, Infinity Blade II is still a stunning game, and you can pick it up in the App Store for $6.99. As soon as a fix is released for the crashing issue, we’ll update.


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