Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 29, 2011

More Spawn Camping In Modern Warfare 3

Earlier in the week we showed you a video where someone was able to sit in one spot, and spawn camp  in Modern Warfare 3. The person managed to get more than 70 kills in a row before they were finally taken down. This proved that spawn camping was possible, and a real problem.

We had a number of comments from people saying that the video had to be faked, and that there was no way this could be possible. Unfortunately, another video has popped up, showing a different place to camp. What’s sad is how proud this person was about the “world records” that he set for kills and getting MOABs. Also, the way he casually mentions what he usually does on this map shows that he’s done this sort of thing plenty.

Frankly, this is disgusting to see. I’ve always had fun playing Call of Duty games, and thankfully I’ve never experienced this sort of camping first-hand. However, I feel bad for the other people in this video who have no hope of winning, simply because someone is exploiting the game. This needs fixed, and it needs fixed now.

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