Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 7, 2011

This Is Skyrim, Played Using The Kinect

We know you love playing Skyrim. Hey, it’s basically DnD in a virtual world. Besides, we all love to burn things with double flamethrowers built right into our hands, right? Well some players, although entirely happy with playing the game with a controller or mouse, still want a more real feel when journeying through the mystical countryside. Youtube user KinectFAAST has a solution that we think you’ll really enjoy.

KinectFAAST has found a way to, you guessed it, control the PC version of Skyrim by enabling a Kinect mod. He can conjure fire elementals, browse the inventory, equip different weapons, and take long walks through the vast lands of Skyrim using his entire body and voice commands. The voice command integration with the mod isn’t the best, but it still works out very well.

You can see the mod at work in the video below. The narration in the video is a bit tough to hear, but you can see how things work just by watching the in-picture window. This would be a great feature to add into the game on a permanent basis, though with a switch that can turn it on and off. You know, slaying dragons and all that becomes tiring after a while.


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