Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 23, 2012

AbleGamers Names SWTOR Its Game Of The Year

Good news for video game fans playing with a disability! Citing features such as “full subtitles, queue-able actions, multiple action bars, area looting, auto looting, and built-in mouse sensitivity,” AbleGamers, an advocacy publication for disabled video game players, has named Star Wars: The Old Republic as its Mainstream Game of the Year.

AbleGamers also listed the games use of companion characters as a good, albeit “unintentional” form of accessibility, as “(t)hese NPC characters which accompany the player though most of the game provide support to those who need it without forcing them to request help from other players.” As somebody who doesn’t always like to bug other players to help with a quest, I can say without a doubt that having a companion character has helped save my butt so many times.

It’s nice to see that BioWare took the time to add in so many accessibility options, including colorblind-friendly minimaps and a control scheme that can be used with just a mouse or a keyboard. Many companies might not want to take the time from their already hectic schedules to design such features, but in this day and age, people are becoming increasingly aware that there are individuals who live with a disability of some sort. To just ignore them completely and exclude them from enjoying your product is wrong. While I may not live with a disability, I know there are many people out there who will benefit greatly from these additions.


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