Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 31, 2012

Bioware Comes Under Fire Over Same-Sex Relationships In The Old Republic

Remember back when Dragon Age: Origins came out, and half the people who played it turned gay?The reason, as you know, is because the game allowed you to have sexual relationships with people who were the same sex as your character. And since being exposed to the possibility of a gay relationship is what turns people homosexual in the first place, this game destroyed the lives of countless people. Wait, that didn’t happen? That’s right, because there’s actually nothing wrong with being able to choose your sexual partner both in the real world, and the digital one. Well someone forgot to tell that to Family Research Counsel, who is currently advocating against Star Wars: The Old Republic.

“In a new Star Wars game, the biggest threat to the empire may be homosexual activists! Hello, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. In a galaxy not so far far away, Star Wars gamers have already gone to the dark side. The new video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, has added a special feature: gay relationships. Bioware, the company that developed the game, said it’s launching a same-sex romance component to satisfy some complaints. That surprised a lot of gamers, since Bioware had made it clear in 2009 that “gay” and “lesbian” don’t exist in the Star Wars universe. Since the announcement, homosexuals have been celebrating the news, but parents sure aren’t. On the game’s website, there are more than 300 pages of comments–a lot of them expressing anger that their kids will be exposed to this Star Warped way of thinking. You can join them by logging on and speaking up. It’s time to show companies who the Force is really with!”

That’s right, since Bioware has decided to allow same-sex relationships in The Old Republic, this group is up in arms. I’ve yet to truly understand what is wrong with these kinds of people. Being a straight male myself, I have no problem whatsoever with seeing a gay couple on the streets of my home town, or in the Sith Academy on Korriban. In fact, I’m happy to see it. Why? Because it means that we, as a people, are taking a step in the right direction.

At this point, I highly doubt that that Bioware will change their mind on the matter. Despite what the above statements, more people appear to be for the relationships, than against it. Bioware should continue to make their stand on the subject by including this feature in this, and future titles. Others will follow suit, and in a few years people will think it about as strange as being able play a female character. After all, if these kinds of games existed a few decades ago, no one would have imagined being able to play as a female hero. We don’t live in that kind of a world now, and soon we’ll live in one where same-sex couples are commonly accepted.


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