Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 27, 2012

Dark Legends

Independent game developers Spacetime Studios out of Austin, TX created a game in 2010 called Pocket Legends. This was boasted as the world’s first cross-platform, 3D, persistent mobile MMO. Last year, they became the first 3D publisher in history to give people the ability to play the same game on their smartphones, tablets, and desktop.

Seeing as they aren’t the types who would sit around twiddling their thumbs, another game is on the rise called Dark Legends. This game takes you into the secret societies of vampires, and puts you up against zombies, demons, and humans who will be after your hide. The combat system is supposed to be a lot faster, with a lot of content for solo and multiplayer alike.

If this sounds like something that will tickle your fancy, you can expect it sometime within the first quarter of this year. It will be available on Android, iOS, and Chrome, that way most everyone has the chance to get their hands on it. You can expect more information on the game when the Game Developer’s Conference happens in early March.

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