Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 5, 2012

DICE Looking To Tweak Battlefield 3 Weapon Attachments

Battlefield 3 has gotten tons of players sucked in from all over the world, and developer DICE has been making good on keeping the game riddled with updates to cater to their players’ needs. With each update, new tweaks are put in place to balance gameplay and fix game glitches. DICE is continuing this support for the popular FPS, and this time the weapon attachments are seeing some changes.

Alan Kertz, Lead Gameplay Designer for the developer shot over to Reddit with a list of changes he planned on implementing to the game. He asked for feedback, and would make adjustments wherever needed. The Reddit and gaming community responded, and it looks like a lot of positive remarks all around. Some of the tweaks Kertz mentioned are things like reduction in the recoil of weapon bipods, increased maximum range for the heavy barrel, and reduced muzzle signature for the flash suppressor. To see the full list of proposed changes, head to the Reddit post.

None of the changes have been set in stone quite yet, so there’s still time to get word in. If you’ve got any suggestions, just comment on the post and before you know it the update will be ready to roll out. There’s been talk on the post about having the lasers and tactical lights defaulted to OFF, which would be an immense help. If you have any suggestions, let the community know!


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