Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 19, 2012

Intel Now Offers Warranty Replacement For Overclocking Failures

When you’re trying to get the most out of your PC, the idea of overclocking no doubt enters your mind. After all, other than the cost of beefing up your cooling (if you even need it), overclocking your CPU is like a free upgrade. Of course, there’s always risk involved, and any damage to your processor as a result of overclocking voids your warranty. Or does it?

Intel has announced a new plan to extend their warranty to specifically cover damage due to overclocking and over-voltaging. Everything else about their 3-year warranty will remain the same. However, those who opt to purchase the additional protection will receive a one-time replacement, should their attempts to overclock fail, and leave their processor useless.

The Performance Tuning Protection Plan will only apply to K and X-branded CPUs, for obvious reasons. What’s interesting is that the cost will only be between $20 and $35, depending on which product you have. Currently they are only offering this on five CPU’s, but we imagine more will be added as they come to market.


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