Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 26, 2012

Lord Of The Rings Online: Riders Of Rohan Expansion

We are approaching the fifth anniversary of Lord Of The Rings Online, and to celebrate, they will be releasing an expansion called the Riders Of Rohan. Last September, this free-to-play title saw its best expansion, named the Rise of Isengard. This newer addition to the game is supposed to blow that one out of the water by being twice as big.

Expect higher level caps, newer areas, and much more. In the beginning of all these updates, you will be allowed to leave Isengard, and go back to the Great River area between Lothlorien and Sanghorn Forest, where the path to Rohan will begin. It is here that you will have your first taste of easterling blood.

In the Spring, Turbine will give you you a “solofication” feature that will give players without pets the ability to summon a soldier who will help you fight. Hooray for companions, and thank goodness it’s not Lydia. Patches will be coming out all the while, trying to fix bugs, have festival updates, and new rewards.

When Fall hits, you will be able to check out the Eastern part of Rohan. I know you want the whole thing right away, but it’s pretty expansive, so Turbine is going to release it in bits. Riding over these giant plains would be a pain if done on foot, so it only makes sense that you would need a horse. However, your horse can’t just be some regular horse, so you will have the options of customizable armor, and they can level their skills so that they can fight alongside you. You can show the baddies that your horse is amazing, right before you slaughter them.

There will also be two smaller regions added, which are Fanghorn Forest Edge, and Amon Hen. The level cap is looking like it will be 85, but you can start off in Rohan at 75. The expansion will be coming to us in the fall, so ready yourselves.

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