Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 12, 2012

Riot Games Gives Their Two Cents Against SOPA

Riot Games, the developer behind the smashing PC game League of Legends, has finally posted a statement which defines their take on the Stop Online Piracy Act. They claim that while preventing the online piracy of copyrighted content is a “laudable goal,” SOPA and the Protect IP Act take things much further than addressing piracy.

Roit explained in their statement that each of these acts would have an affect on players in numerous ways. The main concern seems to be the shutting down of streaming services for the non-malicious intent for the use of copyrighted material. They are also weary of what could happen to sites like YouTube, Reddit, and deviantART if the bill was passed.

How would SOPA/PIPA impact League of Legends players?

  • Kills streaming. If any single streamer plays copyrighted music (or alt tabs into a movie or other owned content) on their stream, there is a significant risk of the entire streaming service being taken down. In some cases, it could even result in criminal penalties for the streamer.
  • Threatens independent content creation. Services we all use to create and share League of Legends related content, such as YouTube, Reddit, DeviantArt, streaming websites such as Own3d and Twitch, and more would be at risk of shutting down or greatly restricting the scope of legitimate content allowed on their sites.
  • Attacks our community. Aspects of our service such as the official forums and potentially even in-game chat, could be taken down or have their features reduced based on user behavior.
  • Other harmful effects. SOPA/PIPA undermine established intellectual property legislation like the DMCA, raise serious constitutional free speech issues, and could even compromise the basic security infrastructure of the internet.

The company then continues to say that the legislation “actually threatens any website that features user-generated content. In effect, any copyright holder could claim that a streaming website is hosting unauthorized content.” Basically any company out there could claim that content on a site was copyrighted and potentially get that site blacked out. If you’ve the time, I think you should head on over and take a look at the post from Riot. They are not part of the ESA, which is in support of the acts, even if in a minor way. If you’ve got any questions, Riot’s attorney is answering them on Reddit, so now’s the time to get more information.


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