Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 17, 2012

Australia To Add R18+ Rating For Games


Good news for our friends down under! A bill was introduced into Australia’s Federal Parliament that will put video games classification categories in line with the categories that exist for movies and TV shows. Though it has not been passed yet, Ron Curry of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association said that the bill should pass without difficulty through Parliament.

The revisions to Australia’s Classification Act 1995 and Broadcasting Services Act 1992 should go in effect in January of 2013. It could have gone into effect earlier, but it has been delayed so that Australia’s states and territories will have time to look at the legislation, and to see how they want to react to it. It is expected, however, that games will be treated in the same way as movies and TV shows.

Australia’s Attorney-General’s department has been bombarded with over 58,000 responses to a discussion paper that was released last year. A vast majority, 98 percent, supported the introduction of the R18+ category. It’s great to see that Australia’s government has finally realized that video games are not just a child’s play thing, but rather, it’s something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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