Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 10, 2012

Diablo III Scheduled For A Second Quarter 2012 Release?

There was some debate not too long ago about just what the release date for Blizzard’s new RPG chronicle Diablo III would be. Up until now there hasn’t been one that’s set in stone, and players are still grabbing at straws with any little mention from Blizzard. With some new information hitting the internet waves, however, our wait could finally have a deadline.

According to a financial conference held recently, a release date of the second quarter of this year was given for the game. The way you can decode this is that, according to Blizzard, we should be seeing Diablo III released by June 30, 2012.

Of course when you get down to it, the game won’t be ready until the developers say it is, so we really can’t hold to numbers. The information picked up from Blizzard during this conference came by way of a slide that was shown during the event. We’ll be waiting for more word from Blizzard about when we can expect the game, you know, whenever they feel like it.


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