Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 10, 2012

EA’s CFO Eric Brown Resigns

It looks like EA will be looking for a new Chief Financial Officer. Eric Brown has stepped down as EA’s CFO, and instead will be taking the same position in the communications company Polycom. He will also be taking the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Brown had previously worked with EA in the past as the COO of the company’s Redwood Shores Studios. He left EA to work for MicroStrategy and McAfee, and returned to EA in 2008.

EA has announced that Ken Barker will be serving as the CFO on an interim basis. According to Forbes, EA’s stockholders are not keen on Brown’s departure, as stock for the company went down by 4.1%. I would expect, however, that EA’s stock will climb again in short order as several new releases will be coming out soon for the company, including Mass Effect 3 and a new Sims 3 expansion pack.


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