Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 21, 2012

Pokémon On iTunes Scam

For those of you who use iTunes app store, you might have noticed in the top three paid apps this weekend an old Nintendo favorite, Pokémon Yellow. It’s too bad that this is a scam by the “House of Anime”, and Daniel Burford.

As of this time, Apple has not removed the game from their app store, and the app currently has a star rating of 1 and a half. Most of the reviews for the game come from people who have realized they’d been duped, and report that the game crashes after the main screen.

House of Anime is also selling a Digimon and YuGiOh app, which also seems to be experiencing similar “problems”. It would not surprise me to see this Daniel Burford receiving some sort of lawsuit from Nintendo and GameFreak in the near future. Hopefully, Apple will see this problem and remove the apps in the near future. Until then, though, make sure to avoid this app!


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