Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 10, 2012

PS3 Users Having Difficulty Unlocking Gotham City Impostors

The Gotham City Impostors beta has come and gone, and now players have the chance to dive into the live game. Well, at least players on the PC and Xbox 360. According to the game’s official forums, it looks like PS3 owners are having issues getting the game to unlock.

Even if players have paid in full for the game, it still won’t download and fully unlock on their console. This is leaving PS3 players with just the trial version, which is causing quite the stir in the community. Don’t fear, though, the devs have picked up on the issue and are addressing it.

A Warner Bros. moderator has informed us that they are working on the problem, and they are speaking with Sony to remedy the issue. For anyone who is having this issue, the team at Warner Bros. advises players to head to this thread. As soon as a fix releases, we’ll update.


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