Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 20, 2012

Defenders of Ardania Demo Now Available On Xbox Live Arcade And PC

Not too long ago we brought you the news that Defenders of Ardania, the smash-hit tower defense game that debuted on the iPad, was making its way to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and the PC. The game has officially released, and now a free trial version of the game has been released on Xbox Live Arcade as well as PC for players to try out.

The demo includes a single-player campaign along with a few modes of online multiplayer, which are both just enough to get players’ mouths watering. In the game players mustn’t only manage their defenses against waves of teeming enemies, but gather their own offensive powers to take down opponent’s towers to win the match. It’s fast-paced, and in your face.

You can pick up the game on the Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points if you like your run with the demo, which isn’t too bad of a price tag. As for the PC version, it’s obtainable over on Steam for just $14.99. Go ahead and check out the demo, and give into the epic destruction.

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