Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 14, 2012

Incoboto For iPad Looks Adorable, Challenging, And Atmospheric

There are some games that are inspired from other games. A $4 iPad game on the market called Incoboto says that it came into being with inspiration from both Portal and Ico. While I can’t say that either theme seems to be a prevalent force in the game, there are small snippets of their essence present.

The storyline sits in a world where “The Corporation” has caused all of the suns to go out. It rests upon a small boy named Inco and his friend Helios to light the sky once more. From the looks of things you will be gathering starlight, and battling the darkness along the way.

While you are on your journeys to different planets, you will discover grapples, jetpacks, teleports, gravity beams and more. Planets seem relatively small in size compared to the Earth we know and love. There will be all sorts of challenges and puzzles to face, and some very relaxing background music to look forward to.

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