Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 2, 2012

Spirit Tales Is Chock-Full Of Chibis

We all scour the internet to watch hilarious videos of cats and silly animals running into things because they’re cute. Adorable things make us smile, and so we seek things out to brighten our day. That said, why not play a game that is filled to the brim with these adorable chibi creatures in the new free-to-play MMORPG game called Spirit Tales?

It walks and talks like any other game of that genre, but the difference is that it has a heart-crushing amount of cute things in its world. There is a huge amount of character customization, with over 40 million customization combinations, six classes to choose from, and magical pets that you can capture along your journeys. One of its features for individual characters is the Spirit Form, which will give you a whole new slew of abilities.

You’ll have to wait for a bit until it’s up and running, but there is a closed beta that will begin on the 15th of this month. Make sure you register before then, or you’ll have to bide your time until who knows when for the finished product. Check out the video below if you think you can tolerate the amount of mushy cuteness it contains.


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