Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 21, 2012

Take A Closer Look At Dishonored – Become A Steampunk Assassin

A new title that’s being developed under Bethesda’s belt is Dishonored – a first-person action title that puts you in the boots of a supernatural assassin. The game was featured in a previous issue of Game Informer, but since then there hasn’t been a lot of information about it hitting the wires. Well now that has changed, and some exclusive footage for the game has revealed itself.

Dishonored is set in a fictional Steampunk city known as Dunwall. The protagonist – Corvo – is the personal protector to the empress, and finds himself in some trouble. As the game starts out, Corvo is under legal fire, as he has been falsely charged with the empress’ murder. Throughout the course of the game you’ll be taking the steps to right the wrongs done to you. Corvo will come across a list of all of the “higher ups” in the city, and it will be time to make a move. Whether through assassination or other tedious methods, they will be taken down – and it’s all through your decisions. Not to mention, though the game plays its story out through missions, it’s completely a sandbox experience when it comes to the approach.

The gameplay/interview video is posted below, and it comes to us from Gamespot. Dishonored looks really good, and it seems like it’ll be a great new title. There are plenty of gamers out there who happen to be Steampunk fans, and Dishonored looks like it will be one of the very first titles to incorporate the aesthetic in a genuine way, like the Bioshock titles. Check out the video below, and check out Dishonored for yourself.


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