Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 23, 2012

The Mists of Pandaria Beta Is Now Live

Yesterday we posted that beta invites would be going out to World of Warcraft players for Mists of Pandaria – the new expansion for the fabled MMO from Blizzard. That statement is very true, and the beta is finally live as we speak. Blizzard threw up a post welcoming players into the beta, noting that it will focus on “the 1-10 starting experience” in the home of the Pandaren.

As the beta updates roll out, there will be “high-level content as well as template characters.” You can even copy over your own capped characters if you want to test out the new talent system, and I’d recommend it. This is cool because you can tell what talents you need for each class, as well as figure out what builds you’ll need to run your toons when the expansion comes out.

The beta is open now to Annual Pass members and opt-in beta testers. There’s also no sort of non-disclosure agreement set, which means that videos will be popping up everywhere. Keep on the lookout in your email for an invite, and check Battle.net for a possible invite as well.


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