Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 10, 2012

It’s Time To Celebrate – Persona 3 FES Now Available On PSN

Though I love to dabble in the survival horror genre when it comes to console gaming, I am also quite fond of RPGs. I’ve even some love for a few JRPGs in my heart, no lie. There’s just something about awesome hair and twisted love stories that make me all gooey inside. Add to that a bunch of teens who have to shoot themselves in the head to invoke magical spirits to battle evil, and we’ve got a great “WTF” title ripe for the playing.

A title just like that has finally hit the PlayStation Network. Back in 2008, developer Atlus took one of their most favored series to the next-gen console of the time. That game was Persona 3, and now it’s finally gone digital. Persona 3 FES is a re-released version of the original Persona 3 title, but there’s much more included within it, such as an entire extra chapter in the game’s story as well as some dialogue changes here and there.

Persona 3 FES is available now on the PSN as a PS2 Classic, so go grab it up and start playing. This game is possibly my favorite RPG on the system, and that’s saying a lot. It has everything – from silent heroes with awesome hair to sexy robots that shoot bullets out of their fingers. Drooling yet? Go snatch it!


Written by Raine Hutchens

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