Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Apr 4, 2012

Offspring Fling

If you were a mother with a few hundred children, and you somehow misplaced all of them, I assume you’d feel pretty terrible. What’s worse is that they weren’t lost in a local convenient store or a mall, it was in a forest. A dark, damp place with horrendous monsters that wish to cause you harm.

Surely you would do anything to get your kids back, like chucking them at walls and enemies so you can get home. This is the storyline of a game called Offspring Fling, though I probably am making this poor little forest creature seem like a bad mother. Created by Kyle Pulver, this action puzzle platform game gives you over 100 levels to trek through.

There is some cheery music to play along with made by Alec Holowka, and the sounds that this game makes are adorable and wholly satisfying. The game costs $7.99, and is available for PC or Mac. From the looks of things, you’ll likely be able to beat this game in a few hours, but there is a replay system that will keep things interesting.


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