Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Apr 23, 2012

Sony Attempts To Patent LAN Parties

In the competitive world of video games, companies have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. It’s innovate or die. While most companies are looking at ways to make games better and more appealing, one is trying to truly revolutionize the industry. They want to bring gamers together, in the real world.

It seems that Sony has filed a patent application that outlines a way to get gamers together in real world events. Essentially a place would be designated where you could come, bring your own hardware, and play with fellow gamers in the same room. Of course, the main purpose will be for marketing reasons, no doubt. But still, I can’t help but think that this patent reminds me of something. Oh, I know. LAN parties.

Coordinating real-world gatherings to promote an online community, the method including: encouraging participants of the online community to participate in a real-world gathering by providing incentives for the participants

I’ve spent the last two weekends going to events that would fit the above description. This is not a new invention. All around the world people from online communities are banding together in person to play games and socialize. The big thing they talk about is that they will “provide online benefits/rewards for participating in the real-world gathering.” At IU’s LAN War two weekends ago, people won special League of Legends skins for winning a tournament. These skins can only be obtained by winning a tournament at a LAN. Tell me Sony, how do you justify patenting an idea that’s been around longer than you’ve been making video games?


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