Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 3, 2012

Draw Something’s Novelty Wears Off, Is Shedding Millions Of Users

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is one of the fundamental laws of physics, and right now, it appears to be explaining the rise and fall of the hit mobile game Draw Something perfectly. From April 2nd to May2nd, its total active daily user count went from 14.3 million people to 10.4 million people.

In other words, Draw Something has hit its peak, and it looks like the users are getting bored with it. Ben Griffin, from Know Your Mobile, told the BBC that “it’s a great game for the first hour or two. But then you get inundated with all the requests, and it becomes more of a chore. It’s short-lived fun – once the novelty expires that’s it really.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that Draw Something is failing, and that it’s to go the way of the Dodo. All this means, really, is that it’s starting to even out. The users who liked the game are going to continue the play it, and the other users who were intrigued by it, but then ultimately bored of it, will not play it. This is pretty much the same for any game, where a new MMO will have tons of users at first, but as players try it out and understand the game more, some will inevitably drop out. If Draw Something wants to keep from losing too many users, however, they’ll need to start doing something fresh and new.


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