Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 9, 2012

EA Confirms Our Joyful Nightmares – A New Dead Space Is Coming

Creeping behind months of rumors, including an odd display poster at an event half-way around the world, EA has announced that a new Dead Space is official. The publisher spoke with Game Informer during an investor call, name-dropping the game among a list of upcoming titles.

We don’t know if the new title will specifically be Dead Space 3, or a completely different game in the series all together. A spokesperson noted in an email to the magazine, “There’s no further information today but watch for several big product announcements from EA at E3 in June.” With all of the evidence we’ve seen so far, it’s easy to lean towards Dead Space 3 as this new announced title.

The new game is said to be released by the end of this fiscal year, which will conclude on March 31st 2013. There have been rumors that the next Dead Space will take place on an icy planet this time around, and not a space ship like the last two. I think going planet-side will really change up the series, and offer a more open-world type of take on the game’s approach. Whether it’s Dead Space 3, or some other Dead Space title, I’m excited for it. Let’s just not make it Dead Space: Ice World Kart Racing.


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