Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 15, 2012

GAME Australia Enters Administration: Australian Diablo III Fans Screwed

When the European branch of GAME was going through difficulties earlier this year, many fans were disappointed by the fact that the store wasn’t able to carry any of the hot games that they had pre-ordered. Now, it looks like it’s Australia’s turn, as the Australian branch of GAME entered into administration this week. That is, it entered administration right before the launch of what might be the biggest game of the year, Diablo III.


I can’t imagine the rage that a person might be feeling right now had I pre-ordered my copy of Diablo III from GAME. Not only will they be unable to receive their copy of the game, but they can’t even receive a refund for the deposit in any way, shape, or form. In other words, that money is gone, and it’s not coming back any time soon.


For those Australian fans affected by this, there’s really nothing you can do, unless you paid for the pre-order with a credit card, in which case you can then dispute the charge and hopefully get the money back. For everyone else, they’ll have to merely wait, as according to Kotaku, the people who have pre-orders have become “unsecured creditors”. However, they are on the bottom of the list when it comes to which creditors get paid first, so don’t hold your breath. Don’t throw out your receipt of your pre-order however, because it’s possible that once GAME Australia comes out of administration they may decide to honor the pre-orders again. Who knows?



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