Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 14, 2012

Having Trouble Finding Official DICE BF3 Servers? You’re Not Alone!

When Battlefield 3 was released, people were perhaps a bit upset when they found out that there were no options to customize a server for the console versions of the game. That all changed in March when EA unveiled the Rent-a-Server option, allowing for anybody on any system the ability to rent out one of the official DICE servers and customize it how they see fit. This was a good option, as it allowed people to custom-tailor the game to the way they wanted to play it.

That is, it was a good option until DICE and EA started to back away from the official servers all together. It seems that once they saw how many people were willing to pay for servers, EA and DICE made a decision to just go ahead and just let the custom servers be the only servers available. Now, while that might seem like it’s no big deal, consider the people you’ve played with from time to time. Remember that guy you killed, who started PM’ing you threats about what he’s going to do to your mother, and how you “f***ed with the wrong guy”? He’s got admin powers now. Looks like you’re back in the server list. What about your friend who just likes killing hordes and hordes of people for hours on end? Now he has a server with a 1000 kill limit on it. Have fun finishing that game up any time soon!

EA and DICE saw that people were willing to pay and reacted accordingly, but because of their shortsightedness, they might very well have shortened the games lifespan by months or even years. By not having enough standard match servers around, they’re alienating the fans of the game who don’t want to spend match after match on the same map, or with some insane weapon restrictions such as “Knife-Only”. Allowing custom servers is one thing, but to feature custom servers and take away the regular vanilla servers is just pure greed. What else can you expect from EA, though?


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