Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 22, 2012

Students Get A Free Xbox 360 With A New PC Purchase

Remember last year when Microsoft started offering free Xbox 360’s to students who purchased a new computer? Well it looks like the promotion was a success, because the company has decided to bring back the deal this year.

The promotion is already in full swing, and allows anyone in the US purchasing a computer (desktop or laptop) valued at $699 or more to get a free 4GB Xbox 360. Our friends to the north can also get the same deal, but they need only spend $599 to earn their free console. You’ll need to buy your PC at a participating retailer, such as Best Buy, Dell, Fry’s Electronics, HPDirect, Microsoft Stores, and NewEgg.

Microsoft hasn’t specified a cutoff date for the deal, but last year it ended on September 3rd. Regardless of the cutoff date, you’ll want to get in on this sooner, rather than later. The company always reserves the right to end the promotion when supplies are exhausted.


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