Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 1, 2012

A New Gears of War Game Has Been Announced, Bulletstorm Dev On Board

Game Informer was kind enough to reveal their next month’s issue cover yesterday, and it showed us that a new Gears of War game was in the works. The cover, as you can see above, shows two COG soldiers walking Marcus Fenix down a dark hallway in what appears to be handcuffs of some sort. For this reason we assume the new game will be a prequel, much to the support of some rumors that have been spinning around.

Back in November of last year a rumor shot out that People Can Fly, the developers behind Bulletstorm, would be working on a Gears of War prequel title. With the reveal of this Game Informer issue cover, the rumor is proving to be true. On top of this, Epic Games head Mike Capps confirmed via Twitter that the developer would, in fact, be working on this new Gears title.

Not much else is known about what the game will entail, and we’ve been promised to hear about it during a press conference Monday at E3. Though I’m not too happy about the way Gears of War 3 ended up, I still enjoyed the game. I’ve been a Gears fan for years, and it’s a game that’s followed me through a lot of the more rough spots in my life.  It’s been an emotional ride, and while I’d like to see more of what happened after the ending of Gears 3, a prequel wouldn’t be so bad.

You have to remember, that at the beginning of the first Gears title Marcus was busted out of a prison cell. He was placed in prison for four years since he abandoned his military post in a vain attempt to save his father. This new title could shed some light on what actually happened that day, and the days leading up to Marcus’ imprisonment. We’ll likely get to meet some new characters, and have a new storyline introduced to us. Overall I’m looking forward to what People Can Fly can do with the series. I loved Bulletstorm and I’m sure I’ll love this.


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