Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 26, 2012

Dust 514 Offers Players Paid Beta Access

Fans of the hit space MMO EVE Online have no doubt heard of the game’s free-to-play FPS tie-in called Dust 514. This shooter will be available on the PS3, and there’s been quite a big announcement about the game from CCP. It looks like players who are eager to get their feet wet early with the shooter will be able to do so through the newly-revealed paid beta access.

CCP has launched something they’re calling the Mercenary Pack, which is available today. The pack is a set of content for Dust 514 that gives players plenty of content as well as an all-access pass to the shooter’s beta. This means players who purchase the content will be able to play on off-beta weekends as well as the normal ones.

Included in the Mercenary Pack is:

  • 30-day Active Skill Booster – this increases Skill Points earned by 50%
  • 4,000 Aurum – in-game currency that can be bought through the PlayStation Store ($20 value)
  • “Toxin” ICD-9 Submachine Gun with unlimited use and a custom skin
  • “Dragonfly” Scout Dropsuit – armor with unlimited use
  • HK4M Shotgun x 50
  • Hacked Drop Uplink x 50 – players can create spawn points for teammates using these
  • Fused Locus Grenade x 50
  • 1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant x50 – allows players to temporarily raise melee damage
  • All-Access Beta Pass – allows players to participate early in the beta, including off-beta weekends

This is actually a pretty cool package. Not only do you get the all-access beta pass, but you get the in-game currency boost which is a $20 value on its own. I think players will really be able to use this offer to their advantage, but there will be some drawbacks. When you log in and link up to play, get ready for nearly every other player to be on the same level ground as you. Everyone will be running around in their special suits, lobbing grenades, and bashing each other in the face while on their roid stimulant. Still, there’s plenty of fun to be had, right? Dust 514 still has a to-be-announced release date, and it will launch exclusively for the PS3.


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