Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jun 19, 2012

First Person Tutor Is An Addictive Browser Game

Throughout school, you learned to dread the red pen. Whether it be a test or a paper, you knew that if there was red all over it, something was wrong, and you were in trouble. Though it sucked to deal with a terrible grade, you’ve likely wondered what it might be like to be on the other side of the spectrum.

First Person Tutor is a game that came from a 7DFPS entry, and it is a shooter unlike anything you’ve seen before. (For those that don’t know, 7DFPS is a challenge to make a FPS game in seven days.) This particular creation has you armed with a red pen, and a debt to pay. You’ll be playing the part of a college student who needs to pay off loans, and have decided to grade papers for a malicious professor.

The more students you fail, the more money you receive. This is a browser game, and it’s quite difficult. While I didn’t spend hours playing, I did log in a good bit of time, and couldn’t manage more than a couple thousand bucks. It’s quite challenging to have a time limit to grade a page full of grammatical and spelling errors. However, it is super addictive, and makes you want to hear the insane professor crack up at giving out a terrible grade.


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