Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 28, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Official Launch Date Revealed

AreaNet has been diligently working to get players involved with the Beta Weekends for their upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2. The developers went through some issues installing some new equipment to get the Beta Weekends running better, and lost some time. However, they’ve still managed to run strong and get the wheels off the ground, and players have rejoiced. We’ve been waiting a while for some official word on when the game will release, and in an announcement made today on the AreaNet website we’ve learned that Guild Wars 2 will launch on August 28th.

Work on Guild Wars 2 started back in 2007, and since that date AreaNet hasn’t lost steam. Three years later a manifesto for the game was released with the developers spilling their hearts out to deliver a game that changes the genre as we know it. They introduced a living online world that challenges convention, and that takes the need for grinding away and replaces that hole with fun. Another focus for the game was to bring in social interaction to get players more inclined to make friends and run through the world together. We see it all too often now – players rolling through the lands presented in MMOs all alone with no help, effectively removing one of the core gameplay aspects of the game from the equation.

Guild Wars 2 will be one of the games that will bring back the faith in MMORPGs. The launch date is just two months away which is providing an exciting time at the AreaNet offices. This sets the final Beta Weekend for the game to occur on July 20-22. Players who pre-purchase, or who already have pre-purchased, the game will get access to this event, and they’ll get to play the game three days early on August 25th. It’s an exciting time to be an MMORPG fan, and even more so to be a Guild Wars fan.


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