Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 21, 2012

Microsoft Requests Leaked Xbox 720 Documents Be Removed From The Net

A little while ago a 56-page document slithered to the internet through a leak that listed a lot of the details pertaining to a new console listed at the Xbox 720. The document included a Powerpoint that went through the new specs of the system in detail. Today, the sources who listed the document are saying that they’ve been contacted by a law firm that represents Microsoft and they’re asking that these documents be removed from the net.

Scribd was the first site to list information about the leak, which was removed at the request of a law firm by the name of Covington Burling LLP, who so happens to have Microsoft listed as one of its clients. Dropbox was hit as well, being asked to remove any content leading back to the leak, on behalf of Microsoft. With all of this legal business going on, it’s hard to believe that these documents that were leaked aren’t legitimate. At first I was one of those in belief that someone faked some documents to get the community spinning, but now it doesn’t seem so.

If you’re wondering what the documents listed about the supposed Xbox 720, here’s a brief summary:

The Xbox 720 will allow backwards compatibility of all Xbox 360 games, though not original Xbox games. It will release with four to six times more visual power than the current console has. A new updated version of the Xbox Kinect will come packaged with all of the new consoles, which will add new support for up to four players at once, as well as improved voice recognition. The 720 will include Blu-ray support, USB 3.0 inputs, HDMI compatability, and built-in Wi-Fi using the 802.11n standard. Finally the entire console is listed to release at the price of $299 sometime in 2013.

Personally I don’t see Microsoft making this happen anytime soon. With what they’ve shown during E3, they’ve remained tight-lipped about any new hardware, and maybe it’s been on purpose. The company wants to focus more on its software rather than following in Nintendo’s footsteps. Either way, these documents do list a console that sounds pretty cool, and if Microsoft plans to release something like this I think it’s headed in the right direction.


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