Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 10, 2012

Namco Bandai On The Fence About Putting Tekken Characters Into Next Smash Bros. Game

Nintendo has decided to let Namco Bandai take the helm with making the next Super Smash Bros. game. When we first heard this jaws dropped and skepticism filled the room. With this company on board we didn’t have any clue what to expect with the next title in a huge fan-favored series.

Namco was happy with the opportunity, though they’ve run into their first stake in the ground already. It looks like they’re in a tussle with deciding on whether or not to include Tekken characters in the upcoming game. Tekken’s main man Katsuhiro Harada doesn’t know if Nintendo fans will take to the characters lightly or not. On this decision, I’m thinking no.

“We’re really not sure at this moment, but when thinking of the playerbase who is playing Smash Bros., maybe Tekken characters are something they wouldn’t want,” said Harada to NowGamer. “So I’ve been pulling back on that a bit. But I don’t know.”

To me, putting Tekken characters in this game would be completely idiotic. The Smash Bros. series is all about Nintendo characters. If Namco throws in their characters then I feel it would really take away from the core of the game. I understand that the company is lending a big hand to get the job done, and it’s a “big priority” for the company, but that doesn’t mean the game should stray from its roots. Let’s hope we don’t get some sort of junk title painted with low-brow characters. I like Tekken as much as the next gamer, but I believe those characters need to stick to their core.


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