Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 12, 2012

Steam Summer Sale Revealed In Steam Badges

Have you been worried that the Steam Summer Sale wasn’t actually coming? Yes, we did recently post a confirmation from a Valve employee, but their wording wasn’t perfect, and it’s possible that they could have just been referring to some small sales over the course of the summer. Well today we have rock-solid proof.

If you check out your Steam profile, you’ll now find a section for Steam Badges. And when you click on it, the very top section is dedicated to Steam Summer Sale 2012. There are 7 badges in total to collect for the event.

The other badges you’ll find are for the “Pillar of Community” section, which include things like linking your Facebook account, recommending games and posting screenshots. In my account, I also found two additional badges, one for “Years of service” and another for “Steam Holiday Sale 2011.” What other badges have you received?

UPDATE: The sale is live!

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  • Exastiken

    The article is wrong about the number of badges for the Summer Sale event. You get 1 badge for the event, which requires at least 3 tasks to obtain the first level, and more to get higher levels.

  • http://www.coreydwillis.com Corey D Willis

    There’s also a The Potato Sack achievement that I unlocked. :-) Exastiken is right about the small achievements unlock a few badges. There are only about 4-6 badges total including some that are unknown ones that you only see if you participated in stuff in the past like the The Potato Sack.