Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 2, 2012

Darksiders II Bonus Content Will Be Available For Series Fans

If you’re waiting for the upcoming Darksiders II title like I am, there’s good news for you. Fans of the series will have access to special bonus content immediately when the game launches, if you’re in fact a proven fan. THQ has announced that those who have been with Darksiders from the beginning shall be rewarded.

If you’ve played the first Darksiders title you’ll receive a nice level five piece of legendary armor called the Pauldron of the Horseman once you jump into the game. This piece of armor increases all of Death’s stats and boosts his critical damage as long as its equipped. Rumor is that it looks completely badass too.

Not only will you look stylish with this new Pauldron, but if you’ve managed to complete the first game you’ll grab yet another piece of equipment – the Chaos Fang. What is this mystical equipment you ask? It’s a new scythe that greatly increases Death’s damage, and we all like that.

All of these special items are unlocked based on the Achievements/Trophies you’ve gained throughout your journey through the original Darksiders game. That being said, you’ve got plenty of time to fire it up and give it a run-through. THQ wants to reward the loyal community and fans that have supported themselves and Vigil since Darksiders was first announced. I remember waiting in line at midnight to pick up my pre-ordered copy of Darksiders, so I’m definitely onboard with the bonus equipment.


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