Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 15, 2012

Dead Space 3 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Announced!

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting news about when Dead Space 3 is coming out, well you’re in luck! EA announced yesterday at Gamescom that Dead Space 3 will be released on February 5th, 2013.  However, that wasn’t the only news to come out about the game, as EA also gave us some detail on some of the games first bits of DLC.

If you pre-order the game you’ll get the Limited Edition of the game, which comes with 2 DLC releases as bonuses. The DLCs are titled First Contact and Witness the Truth, and both bring with it new suits and weapons. Needless to say, while the new suits and weapons aren’t necessary by any means, they’ll likely be a much welcome addition to anybody’s arsenal.

The First Contact bundle comes with the First Contact suit, an Extra-Vehicular Activity suit (aka space suit) that has a “flamboyant golden finish” and extra thick armor for “…unspecified reason.” But what good is a suit without a weapon? First Contact also comes with the Negotiator weapon, which contains a “top-mounted Tesla Beam” that’s capable of destroying anything mansized with a single shot. The Negotiator also has a Linegun attached to the bottom which seems to be more for shooting targets from a long distance away.

The Witness the Truth bundle comes with the Witness suit, an insulated suit that’s meant for deep digs meant to “exhume the darkest secrets of Tau Volantis”. Whenever the people who were wearing the suits emerged from the dig weeks later, they were apparently “covered in head to toe in strange graffiti and claimed to be ‘Witnesses to the Truth'”. The Evangelizer weapon is a modified AL-2 weapon that features a souped up assault rifle with a tactical shotgun on the bottom. The weapon is also adorned with various symbols, and was dubbed the “Evangelizer” by the survivors.

Overall, those are some pretty sweet bonuses for just pre-ordering the game. My guess is, however, that at some point other people will be able to purchase them if they so choose to. But if you’re planning on playing Dead Space 3 as soon as possible, then you should probably go ahead and pre-order it. After all, it won’t cost you anything extra!


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