Posted by Jesse Wilkes on Sep 26, 2012

Why I Hate Borderlands 2 – Opinion

The most infuriating exercise in tedium I’ve ever played.

Borderlands 2

As I found myself staring at a pile of useless under-powered loot, praying I wouldn’t have to walk, yet again, back across the continent to turn in my quest, and hoping that I wouldn’t be jumped on my way there by 13 helicopters, 46 bandits, 7 mechs, and a varying number of giant insects, I set my controller down and sighed. “Why do I have to put up with this?” I asked myself, “I paid $60 for a quality game, not the Diablo-with-guns-Death-Simulator.” The truth is, ladies and gentleman, I don’t. I don’t have to put up with it and frankly I won’t. GameStop will be receiving a week old copy of Borderlands 2 tomorrow, and I won’t be sad to see it go. Why, you ask? Why would I give up on a game so seemingly promising that many people appear to be enjoying around the globe as we speak? I simply don’t like it, and in my opinion, it’s a bad product. As well, this is not an official review, as my disposition towards the game appears to be different from many others, and I could only stomach about ¾ of the game before putting it to rest.

My playthrough of the first Borderlands was great. Three friends and I did co-op for about half of it, and I went solo for the other half. I arrived beaten, bloodied, and scarred to the final boss, and left disappointed. For such an epic journey to end in a manner like it did left a bad taste in my mouth. Attempts at beating it once more with other classes were foiled by the general dissatisfaction the ending of the game left me. That was all I thought about in line to get Borderlands 2. I didn’t consider the combat, the story, the characters, nothing. All I hoped for was a good ending to what I was sure would be a great game. Never once did I think that it would disappoint, and boy did it.

Borderlands 2 Combat

Most everyone has played Call of Duty, and if not, Halo or any other shooter will work to a lesser extent in this analogy. You know that gut-wrenchingly irritating feeling when you’re playing great or on a kill streak and you get killed by a barrel exploding, or an enemy camping in a corner; the one that sends pulsing fire down your spine, and leaves you, for a split second, wanting to destroy everything within reach? Imagine that feeling running solid for hours. Embarking on hundreds of fetch quests, ultimately sending you to your doom a minimum of four times at the hands of a monstrous creation with 200,000 hitpoints, to finally drop the beast and loot two pistols and some ammo, is something I don’t wish upon anyone. Apparently Gearbox does. Yes the combat is visceral, and in co-op situations can induce hilarious madness, if only until you realize the 4 spark plugs you looted belong to someone on the other side of the globe. Fast travel be damned, as it might as well not even exist. Walking to the few sparse fast travel beacons is just as bad as walking to the objective itself. Vehicles are the same way, as the only places they actually want you to use one are the biggest and saddest sacks of land I’ve ever seen, god forbid your car blows up, and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t kid yourself that you’re going to play solo either, as the enemies reach near-impossible to kill difficulty around level 20. Expect to die a lot, walk back to the objective a lot, and be sure to carry a lot of cash to pay for all of your respawns. Even co-op begins to feel like hardcore mode around this time, and there’s no way to remedy it, as Gearbox decidedly left out any difficulty options. It’s not only that the gameplay is painfully hard either, as it’s power curve suffers from near random swings. One minute I’m fighting 3 midgets, the next 9 mechs armed with rocket launchers attack from all sides. It’s truly just not a fun experience.

Borderlands 2 Enemies

If you’re looking for depth, run the other way as fast as you can. Mechanics like the skill trees don’t really tweak too much, and the “Badass Tokens” that allow you to customize your character only got me an extra 5% gun damage by level 22. As well, the only thing separating characters classes are their special ability, a relatively under-whelming feature that no matter what class, basically just helps you kill hordes of enemies a little bit faster. Any weapon can be wielded by any class, a stealth agent can use a minigun, the psychic can wield a rocket launcher, and the berserker can dual-wield sniper rifles. While this is part of the beauty Borderlands is intended to be, it doesn’t offer much of an incentive to players to go back and replay as different classes. Each class has three skill trees they can focus on, exactly as you picture it in World of Warcraft. Every class is essentially given the same option; focus on bullet damage, ability damage, or tanking. One would assume a class-based shoot and loot would offer something a bit deeper, but Borderlands 2 is quite lacking.

As I said before, I haven’t played enough to warrant a score, but I’m sure if I forced myself to finish it, it wouldn’t help its odds. I’m glad some are finding it fun, and I hope they continue to do so. I will find solace in paying off my pre-order of Dishonored, and hoping Gearbox does better on their next iteration, which is most certainly going to happen.

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  • a

    you suck and you’re such an entitled brat, i can’t count how many times you said “WHY DO I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH COMBAT IN A FPS”

  • Me

    The bottom line is you are mildly retarded and you live with your parents at the awesome age of 40. Good review…….you champion of men. Stop writing reviews and get a real job.

  • SteelToeSneaker

    Apparently this guy never beat contra, or any other NES game for that matter. The difficulty it’s way to high. Maybe kinectimals is the game of choice. I’m not going to take the time to insult the writer on his game playing abilities, but you can see they are not satisfied unless it’s total domination, or are rewarded after flipping every switch behind a shack that is found. If you have not purchased this game yet, please do not base your decision on the amazingly small chance you read this article. Just know that it’s a FPS that is in a much higher class than most other games in its genre, or most other new games period. So hop on the BL2 bandwagon and Catch-A-Ride!

  • Jeron Coolman

    With all due respect this review was, the most infuriating exercise in tedium I’ve ever read.

    Your second paragraph left a bad taste in my mouth regarding your opinion. Your fixation on the “end” of the game struck me as odd. It is about the journey, not the destination.

    Granted, if you didn’t enjoy the game, you didn’t enjoy it and I respect that, but I don’t see how you could legitimately form some of the opinions you have without more experience; e.g. if you didn’t play to the end, how can you have any opinion of it? If you didn’t actually play each class to level 20ish, how can you comment on there being no difference in the experience of playing each class? How much time was did you spend solo versus co-op. I get the impression most of the time was solo when this game is definitely geared toward co-op.

    I found at level 20, the enemies got harder, because I had to actually use my brain to figure out what kind of weapons would work best against each type of enemy; e.g. using a lower DPS corrosive weapon made me far more powerful against enemies like robots; while I watched my friends get pwnd because they didn’t use corrosive weapons.

    I NEVER ONCE felt bored because I thought I was constantly running across great distances to hand in a quest. There was always a quick travel (you did know those exist right? reading your review makes it sound like you didn’t) or car spawn spot near by. Again, a few times we used our imagination, and used cars as portal spots since you can “teleport to” a car.

    Where I value all opinions and respect yours though I disagree, it seems like you didn’t like this game because you didn’t want to give it a chance.

  • A gamer

    … Please, ignore him. He states enemies get nigh impossible to kill at level 20. I’m starting to doubt he has even played it.

  • Jesse Wilkes

    I’d like to first state that, as I noted in the article, this is one man’s opinion, and is not a review. I purposely did not make this a review, give a score, or touch upon every aspect of the game, specifically because I didn’t finish it. I write these articles as a hobby, I receive no pay, and I do it because I like it. I have about 50 hours into the game, 3 characters, and yes, it is on a shelf at GameStop by now.

  • Chris

    Wow, did you even play the same game? Now, I understand it all comes down to personal preference, but it seems to me that you’re either not very good at the game, or you just didn’t play it. The skills between classes vary enormously & you didn’t get their special abilities correct either. The class you call the “psychic” is “The Siren” and she doesn’t use a rocket launcher for her ability. Its called phaselock & locks one oppenent in place. Also, the gunzerker can dual-wield any weapons, not just sniper rifles, and you didn’t even mention the assassin. I find that if you level up accordingly to the mission you are trying to complete, they are fun and challenging. The mission menu actually lets you know what level you should be on when attempting them. It will tell you if it is tough, normal or trivial difficulty for your current level. Honestly, after reading your review, I find it hard to believe you played either Borderlands game, or if you did, I feel like you already had a negative opinion of them. Now, I didn’t like every single aspect of Borderlands 2, but so far, its my Game of the Year.

  • Dettbizzle

    Wow. Everyone posting negative replies to the author’s opinion, is a tool. Here’s why.

    First, he is entitled to his opinion, as unagreeable as it may be. If you don’t agree with his OPINION, then feel free to shut the hell up.

    Second, not everyone is going to enjoy the same things as you. I feel I should interject and tell you all I don’t like Call of Duty. Does that make you mad? Because it shouldn’t. Call of Duty is a game focused almost entirely on it’s multiplayer aspect, which when paired with the stat tracking and leaderboards, brings out the worst in the people who play it. I did enjoy the Modern Warfare series campaign, but multiplayer is ruined by the people who play it. At the same time, I do not like the original Borderlands multiplayer, because it feels cheap and flimsy.

    Third, if you need an outlet to be an asshole, feel free to log onto Facebook and rage your friends and family. But you wouldn’t, would you? I’m going to venture a guess and say that would be because you know these people, and would most certainly feel a backlash in some form or fashion. Being anonymous on the internet does not mean you HAVE to be an ass to anyone who doesn’t share the same outlook on a video game as you.

    Come back when you figure out how to be decent.

  • Jacob

    Hmm, I’ve been playing solo the entire time just how I prefer to play an playthrough 1 had some hard spots but fairly easy for the most part. Now I’m level 36 and on true vault hunter mode and I can honestly say difficulty is amped up a good bit but it is a co-op game an playing solo really shows the difficulty bump but regardless it’s still fun better than the first, I’d strongly advise playing to the end atleast once story is there combat is fun but slightly repetitive but who doesn’t love slamming ammo into things? My opinion you were just looking for reasons to hate the game and or just aren’t as hardcore of a player that you thought you were.

  • Chris


    I can’t help but feel like you are a hypocrit. Sounds like you are saying that the author can have an opinion but no one else is allowed to gives theirs on it. While I feel like you don’t have to use profanity to get your point across, it’s certainly you’re right. Btw, i freakin’ haaaaaaate call of duty.

  • vindictus

    The author has a right to offer his opinion guys, all youre doing is giving him shit. Just cuz you disagree doesnt give you the right to bag on him.

  • Ben
  • zeno

    i remember borderlands 1 was a real challenge my first play through which made winning the final boss battle very rewarding. however i never thought the game too difficult and needing an option for an easy setting . it was all about learning about which equipment worked best against the assortment of enemies encountered.
    i have yet to play bl2 and i hope only a few view it as the the reviewer has.

  • Kaiga12

    “Most everyone has played Call of Duty, and if not, Halo or any other shooter will work to a lesser extent in this analogy.”

    Go to bed Najberg.

  • Blake

    I love Borderlands 2 just as much as the next guy but damn people…dude didn’t like the game and decided to write about it. Despite there being a number of points I disagree with (especially the difficulty bit), it is a well-written piece, relative, anyway, to most of the garbage that comes out of the world of gaming “journalism”.

    The most infuriating exercise of tedium you’ve ever read, Jeron? Really? This is a gamer’s point of view on a game…don’t talk about it like you’re reviewing a world leader’s memoirs. That sentence reeks of false and forced intellectualism, taking away from any point you made afterward.

  • xgrower

    The Author is a Vid game player but I think he just needs to tune his game a bit. This is a game that strongly reflects your choices for Tokens and skill points.

    I am 64 yrs old and I am at lv 30 something and I am kicking ass ! my big advantage is how long I have been playing and the games I have played. I also have some fingers missing and all it does is make me more creative. I think Boarderlands2 has got it right so far in the evolution of games. Today it is a cutting edge nexus game , Tomorrow who knows. I wondering how they will top this ?
    I rate a game according to how often can I play it and enjoy it ?
    I played game called Hack back in 1978. It kept me and my son now 37 yrs busy for about two years. It had no graphics, It was incredibly difficult.

  • ImOldNubz

    The Author is a Vid game player but I think he just needs to tune his game a bit. This is a game that strongly reflects your choices for Tokens and skill points.

    I am 64 yrs old and I am at lv 30 something and I am kicking ass ! my big advantage is how long I have been playing and the games I have played. I also have some fingers missing and all it does is make me more creative. I think Boarderlands2 has got it right so far in the evolution of games. Today it is a cutting edge nexus game , Tomorrow who knows. I wondering how they will top this ?
    I rate a game according to how often can I play it and enjoy it ?
    I played game called Hack back in 1978. It kept me and my son now 37 yrs busy for about two years. It had no graphics, It was incredibly difficult. I think this game as all the attributes I am looking . The Author speaks his mind I just think hr might have a intolerant side i all this. And needs to be less s to enjoy what he has. What we want and what we need at often different.
    In 1978 I had a Radio Shack Model III and the only game available were ones we type in basic the code. I can only think of a handful of games that came on a audio cassette. And look what we have today ! I see a lot of LOVE went into the making of this game. Thousands of hours of brain storming by some of the best minds in the business. Look closer and you cans get in to the minds of the creators. YA what a mess it is ! hahah I give the game a thumb and nub up ! that’s the highest rating i can give. I say to the team the game atta-boy ! to all . Its like chess with graphics and sound its also moves at a faster pass. We learn from our mistakes or we just continue to die from them !
    How many people and how many hours of hard work and live went int this game ? I see a whole heck of a lot. And for me it paid off. Everyone has a opinion and everyone holds some truth so lets play nice with each other as we murder each other in new and creative way ! BYW you all might be younger and faster than me. But I can still kick your butts because of my ability to see what others miss. If a gun makes us all equal then its whats left that makes the difference.


    The game was slightly harder than the original Borderlands but was still pretty easy to get through if you implement a little strategy. Borderlands 2 offers a better character diversity as far as how they interact in the game. I loved the game and have already had multiple run through the game and I have yet to get some friends around and hit it with co-op which is where Borderlands has really shined and where the types of characters came a more diverse attack against handsome jack. Those that can game, game on. Those who can’t game,… learn to knit.

  • Blake

    Just realized Jeron’s “tedium” sentence was a play on the article’s title. Now I feel like an ass.

  • Borderlame 2

    I agree with this guy. It’s not an RPG just because it has fetch quests and NPCs can talk and move at the same time. It’s just an open world shooter. The ending is the same every play through.

  • Ahrimar

    I really dont like Borderlands 2, Borderlands 1 was nice but its no the kind of games i like. Just hordes of enemies come at you and you have to kill them. Also, you die million times because its too hard. Right now im stuck in killing Bloodwing because im just 16 level instead of 19 ( you should be 19 when u reach that point ) so i am really annoyed and i feel like I dont want to play this game again.

  • Chris

    I think a lot of people start playing Borderlands expecting to get a Halo or Call of Duty type experience. The leveling up aspect of the game changes that. You can’t just charge in and expect to kill every bad guy just because your ammo is full. You have to level up accordingly & the different weapon types give advantages & disadvantages depending on the baddie. I didn’t like the Borderlands 1 when I first started playing, but after getting a little further & used to the formula, I found myself hopelessly addicted.

  • Imoldnubz

    A few tip to PC users with a mouse.
    Use a 5 button mouse or more.

  • Imoldnubz

    I use a button to page through the weapons on the fly.
    This by its self is game changer. Because I can now coordadante my weapons to work with each other according to need in the heat of battle.
    I set it up so my first weapon might be a slag. Also it might be a pistol so I can shoot for loot and use a pistol round. As the game get harder I might use a rifle for more damage. “choices so many choices ”
    The next might be High voltage weapon. And the next might be Shot gun or grenade launcher. And the fourth is nearly always and rocket launcher. If I am fighting for my life then I want the to do the most damage I can and quickly. The rocket launcher has saved my but over and over again.
    Button five mine is push down on the center wheel. That reloads my guns. The idea is I need not take my eyes off the game to do these things that I do often.
    My name is OldNubz or I would use a mouse with more buttons. If you have a two or three button mouse I win !
    you just cant do all I can do as easily. same is true in reverse.
    So for you PC users and others who have problems with the game I hope these tips help.
    Di I die often . . Hell yes ! but I am not beaten in my head and I keep coming back until I puzzle it out. In life its much the same. So if you like the game but die to often to really enjoy it. Don’t give up hang in there. When you do win it will be even more rewarding to you. Also it bad practice in life to give up. If your young its really important to hang in there. One day you will know why.
    Good luck.

    If you use the up and down arrows. Right and left then try the Zero on the key pad for the turret or what ever your special power might be.

    If you are new to the game then I suggest be the commando as nearly all D&D games the fighter is the easiest to win with.

    Yes this is the most difficult game of its type I have played.
    It need to be that way and games will continue to be challenging to the very best. However in it is the ability for you to become the very best.

    Nobody ever won anything by quitting.
    The game is winnable at its most difficult but you will have to reach deep and be smart.

    At first a gun is all you need. but in time it takes more often combining weapons to get the job done.

    invest in the turret as it is a distraction and will draw fire. and you support it buy slagging the bad guys and kill all that attack your turret.

    I am at Level 39 Vault hunter mode and its challenging. That why I like it. It’s chess with graphics and sound ;o) and it keeps my brain cells from rusting. If it was anything less I would get board. Also about the ending I have heard some say it was disappointing. ” It’s about journey getting to the ending that matters the most. I am always disappointed with few exceptions at the ending of a game. But think about it all that lead up to the end how do you top that ? I mean the rush of all the battle to get to the end and the expectation. You can’t fulfill it with out making the rest of the game weaker.
    so chill on that. If you can think of a better ending send you idea ahead.

    Better than piecing your body with metal pierce is piercing your mind with knowledge ;O) knowledge is power without it you are powerless.

    For all the ” Things you do this nubbz for you “

  • ImOldNubz

    At Level 41 Vault Hunter mode ” the most difficult ”

    Yes loot often will not help you overcome.
    So what you do.
    What I did was walk away from where I was just spinning my wheels.
    I reset my skill points. As I could see what I needed wasn’t what I had done.

    That changed things ;O)
    next I Borderlands is huge so why not shop around for the definitive weapon via battle with other Bad Ass’s in scenario’s that I can win with the weapons I have. That also worked. Next I know if I stick to it in time the game seamed to provide for me I just needed to stick it out and earn it. I find the game within the game is very important all those extra missions you can go on

    They bring to you tools you need so do them .. maybe do them all they are Experience points and weapons shield upgrades etc. Not just in this game but in others you can gain levels before you are truly ready. Just one of the many logic bombs ready to explode in your face. But knowing means you can do something about it. Go to the slaughter house its your built in DoJo.
    This game has some depth to it and being shallow will hurt you.
    Spend hours or days in the DoJo what your hurry ?
    When you leave you will be so much better for it. But Training is not easy. Not for anyone who gives up . . .

    Now at level 40+ I have about $250,000 and I keep building my funds as I don’t die as often as I used to. Nearly all games have a path built into them. The game makers want you to succeed and enjoy the game.That’s how they make their money.
    Yes there is a lot of repetitiveness. And lots of running around. But it also also opportunity. To earn those points and skills needed. I could kill Jack and move on but I will make jack wait. He will be the last thing I do . . .
    I think I have enjoyed the game so much I will play it again but not as a Fighter and have new fun all over again.
    Fishing is a thinking persons game. I catch BIG fish because that’s what interest me. This also is a thinking Persons game.
    I own this game its not the other way around :O)
    It can kill me but it will never never beat me .. . .

  • Altus

    How is this game hard? I’m on Toil and Trouble and it’s too easy. I’m playing as one of the two flimsy classes too. I guess as a conqueror of Dark Souls I’m good at video games, but this whining about difficulty is getting annoying. My problem is I hate all the classes this time.

  • plasticsuperman

    You know i agree i started playing game just to find every aspect i loved about first game is gone the classes seems so incredibly revolved around the gun play why even give characters special abilities i myself loved the berserker in borderlands i liked owning enemies with my fists or a rocket launcher build so to go to the second one and find out the character i loved is gone and replaced with a character that dual wields for a short time screw that if i wanted to play with guns id play call of duty anyway just my opinion and i will give it another go soon enough i think

  • Will

    “the enemies reach near-impossible to kill difficulty around level 20”


    Have you considered that maybe you just really, really, REALLY suck at this game?

  • Sina

    I hate Borderlands 2. Borderlands 1 was great. In fact, it’s one of my favorite fps of ALL TIME! And I’ve played A LOT of them.

    I’m still shocked how people are enjoying BL2. Maybe because they play in co-op mode, i don’t know. The first Borderlands was great in single player mode, but his one..oh boy. The review kinda revealed to me what was bothering me about it. I thought it was just the uninspired level design, and the terrible weapons with bullets that shoot as fast as a dog can run. But it’s not just those things. it’s the ridiculous unstructured manner in which enemies spawn and attack from all angles.

    The first Borderlands had NONE of these problems. The level design was great and very memorable. The weapons were great. The pace was great. And the enemies weren’t as fast and annoying. Playing borderlands 2 i’m constantly frustrated having to shoot at enemies as fast as squirrels while it takes an hour before the bullet you just shot at your enemy arrives at location. By that time the enemy is already standing behind you while twelve new ones have spawned, including a boss.

    I was looking forward to this game but man they have changed it a lot. Oh another thing I forgot. The inventory screen. Why is it so small, what was wrong with the one in Borderlands? you have to scroll all your weapons and items on a small and long strip? Why? That was the first thing that bothered me about this game. But then I didn’t know yet the whole game was going to suck, I was still giving it the benefit of the doubt thinking:’ ‘Oh maybe i just need to get used to it.’ Well I never got used to it.
    I spent most of my time playing this game (made it to level 17 without co-op) feeling either bored (traveling) or frustrated. Only a few times was I having fun.

    If you liked the first one, try this one before you buy it guys, my piece of advice. peace.

  • Adam

    BL2 sucks. I pretty much agree with everything the article said. Also, seeing a yellow bar and switching to corrosive weapon isn’t “strategy.” If anything its tactics, but I’ll admit that’s semantics. I’m just saying that if you think switching weapons makes you skillful and the guy who wrote this “bad” then I don’t think you picked up on what he doesn’t like about the game. Good read imo.

  • Mike

    Strategy and Tactics kind of go hand in hand, dip shit.

  • Jingo

    I’m totally with the OP on this. I bet most of the love comes from PC players who walk around on Level 2 with SMG’s that do 50.000+ Damage.

    “oh yeah, it was easy, I finished the game without dying once”….yeah bullshit!

    After 20 years of gaming, I struggled with B2 on PS3. It’s not HARD perse it’s just designed to be frustrating…..it’s designed for you to be killed and respawn over and over and for me that’s just fucking boring…especially when the pay-off is so poor compared to what I was expecting after the first game.

    I love the scenery and the graphics.,,,the cameos are great etc but the game play mechanics are IMO just crap – never enough ammo….weak guns…the same gun over and over….and just a constant bombarding by ridiculously over-powerful foes.

    I guess different people like different things in a game, but for me, constantly dying for unknown reasons, or being beaten to death after emptying your entire arsenal of SMG ammo into 1 psychos head is just an exercise in frustration.

    In Friendship gulag – I died at least 60 times and only got through in the end because 40 odd robots glitched and had caught up together where the containers were.

    I got as far as finding Sanctuary and when I had to cross the river in a recycled friendship gulag setting…I packed up the game and got a refund.

    Get Fucked Gamebox!

  • http://www.facebook.com/demnyx.zexion Demnyx Marluxia Zexion

    It really sounds like you picked this game up and expected it to be something else.
    Now, I would imagine you probably found Claptrap annoying, as many have, but the story for this game by FAR eclipsed the first game’s awesomeness and paid it back in double when they threw a much more colorful cast and some absolutely hysterical moments. (never an inappropriate time to quote people in this game)

    You have barely done anything with the game and already you are done. you hadn’t given it a chance, you are not even TRYING to be a bit smarter, and the challenge level going solo is not that difficult, granted, it’s more fun with a full cast. Some areas i’ll admit are a bit tedious (The Fridge i particularly loathed for some reason), but dying in the game is not as horrible since you really don’t lose a TON of money unless you get richer (it’s always proportionate to how much you currently have)

    And selling unwanted loot is also a big part of the game, it’s where a vast majority of your income with be based.

    Jut admit that this game was just not a fit for you in particular. Please don’t try to enforce your personal opinions as that of the masses again. Although, I have a feeling it’s lonely where you are right now.

  • I hate this game

    Enemy kills you, runs away so you’re left to fend for yourself in ffyl.
    Enemy is level 40, you’re level 39, they drop you in two hits while you have 10,000+ hitpoints with a shotgun that does 1,600 x 11 damage POINT BLANK and you can’t even drop THEIR FUCKING SHIELD. Yet when you jump up to level 40 suddenly you’re allowed to do the 1,600×11 damage and drop their shields in three hits, reload, and kill them in one.
    The game is unbalanced, it’s flawed beyond human error right down to coding. Even at first when you do play by the games warped logic of “in order to play this game you have to play this game!” to grind for 3+ hours just so you can get to the next plot point.
    Maybe people don’t suck at this game, maybe people just have lives to live and want a return on their 60 dollar purchase that came out of their pocket and not their parents AND they want a gun that does 1,600×11 damage to be AS GODLY AS IT FUCKING SOUNDS.
    Fuck gearbox.
    Fuck borderlands 2.
    and fuck you in the eye, your cockmongering cunt.

  • primalxconvoy

    The game is simply badly designed. The multitude of problems include;

    – a lack of npc’s walking around Pandora.
    – no difference in areas after you complete the game (like the snowy village being repopulated with villagers after you clear out the bandits and complete the game, etc)
    – can’t hear audio logs (and can’t replay them in the menu, which you could in the first game)
    – bad menu design. Too small, irrelevant tabs (it’s easy to put all skill trees on one screen, so why not?, poor menus for inventory (sometimes you can select different weapon types, and other times you can’t), kreig blocks the way for some info, etc.
    – not enough ammo (especially for snipers)
    – ammo too expensive in third playthrough.
    – not much to do in multiplayer (compared to RDR. No car races, gambling, betting on enemies fighting, etc)
    – no crafting or better system for levelling loot (why not allow players to get weapons and then level THAT up instead of having to their it away for another?)
    – less inventory slots than first game (why not make it unlimited, like a pokedex, so we can collect all of the guns? Isn’t this about loot?)
    – etc
    – poor loot (bosses and enemies give out extremely poor lot, often at several levels lower than you are)
    – enemies are too tough (usually 2 levels above, making them next to impossible to kill, yet they can kill you with one shot)
    – enemies are crack shots, able to their AXES with pinpoint accuracy, halfway across the map, at you, in a crate, with a tiny peep-hole that you’re looking through)
    – poor storyline (but it’s about the loot! See above)
    – lack of respect or design tailored for single player (but it’s for online! Until you’re in a time zone or in a schedule where noone else is playing it)
    – zero’s sniper skill is useless (snipe one enemy, with full skill tree specs, and eridium artifacts, mods etc designed to improve sniping, and watch an enemy shake off a critical hit head shot and then call all of his mates to run to your hidden position and then kill you by throwing “that amazing, accurate, axe” again)
    – no strategy. Just level up and pump bosses with bullets. Just remember; when you go up a level, so do all the enemies, making the process irrelevant!
    – expensive dlc (no easy way to buy it all together, in one pack, years after release for ps3)
    – no custom soundtrack option (you like grinding? Then do so with our soundtrack, or no music whatsoever! Enjoy!)
    – useless legendaries, pearlecents, etc weapons (most are cack)
    – terrible matchmaking (let US choose to enter low level games, if we are higher, if and when WE feel like it. Sometimes we might just want to help, or give loot eo longer need to lower level players. You know, co-op style)

    Basically, after a while, I realised that there was no real point playing after the first playthrough. There was no difference in the plot, no extra areas for different play throughs, nor was there any actual point in getting better loot, as there was only the same, boring old enemies to fight. Either they were ridiculously hard, or easy as f@ck to kill. There was simply no skill.
    – slag. Basically forcing players to give up a weapon slot and ammo and/or grenade mod in order to allow players the opportunity to kill enemies as before. It got to a point where i used a slag weapon about ten levels lower because it had over 50 percent chance to slag, and trying to use just a slag weapon does nothing. This just caused me to have to continually switch weapons, which was boring and exceptionally bad game design.

    It’s obvious that borderlands was simply dialled in by gearbox. Little or no thought had gone into its construction, with most of the key, “winning” features in the first game broken by junior workers and marketing peeps with no idea how to actually design a game.

    Rip, borderlands; I’ve heard the pre-sequel is just as boring.

  • matthewbennion

    I agree. This game is brutal playing solo especially on the 2nd and 3rd playthough. Whittling down a badass or bosses health to almost nothing just to end up getting killed and then repeating the whole thing again because they regain all their health is not fun. Not to mention they got rid of health kits you can have in your inventory, completing the campaign 3 times and finding a really rare legendary or etech on your first play though to have to have it being useless by the 2nd or 3rd

  • Nothing

    Fuck you!

  • Nothing

    Fucking die!

  • Steve Hunt

    Absolutely agree.
    This game is too hard and i don’t enjoy it.
    Its majorly unbalanced.
    Shame too because i really wanted to like it.

  • Steve Hunt

    I feel exactly the same way. – Well said.

  • Stupid Porcupine

    “If you’re looking for depth, run the other way as fast as you can. Mechanics like the skill trees don’t really tweak too much, and the “Badass Tokens” that allow you to customize your character only got me an extra 5% gun damage by level 22.”
    Enough. Bullshit. Said. You’re a noob that is.
    Badass tokens? They give me a solid +33% gun damage, 28% health, 25% elemental chances, ect. It’s not something about ONE character, it’s about your borderlands account and all your character would benefit from it.

    You CAN’T play without the skilltrees when you reach a higher level. You didn’t even complete ONE of the three tree of your character by lvl 22.

    Jizz you dislike this game, that’s your opinion. But you’re blaming thing you didn’t even really tried.

    In fact you just expected another game.