Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 25, 2012

3012 Deck Building Game Available Now

One of the games I was eager to check out this year at Gen Con was 3012, a new deck building game from Cryptozoic. The game takes place 1000 years after the world almost ended and sees humanity living in five different clans. Each of these clans battles against and forms alliances with one another in order to come out on top of the survival chain.

The game is now available, and has finally released to game stores everywhere. 3012 is a deck building game for two to four players and features fast-paced gameplay and an emphasis on tactics. Each player takes the role of a Hero as they compete to amass allies, weapons, and action cards that will help them dominate other enemy clans. Some players can choose to team up and become a veritable wrecking force, though in the end they’ll be left to duke it out.

You can pick up 3012 now for $45, which is a pretty reasonable price. The core set comes right out of the box with:

  • 5 oversized Hero cards
  • 120 Action cards
  • 48 Encounter cards
  • 25 Gold cards
  • 20 each of Weapon, Ally, and Scout cards
  • 1 game board

If you’re looking for a new deck building game and are a fan of post-apocalyptic Earth, 3012 is worth checking out. It’ll make a great gift for card game fans, especially with the holidays coming up. I’m sure the game will go quick, though, so you’d better grab it quick, and you can find out more about the game on its official site.

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