Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 25, 2012

Dishonored To Receive Dunwall City Trials DLC In December, More Content Next Year

The first piece of DLC coming available for Arkane Studios’ silent killer feature Dishonored will be available this December. It’s being called Dunwall City Trials and it adds more content to the already amazing game. If you’ve already done your deeds as an assassin throughout the cobbled streets of Dunwall, then this content is primed just for you.

Dunwall City Trials will run 400 Microsoft Points ($4.99) and it will include ten skill-based missions where players will need to fight waves of enemies in different areas, pull off perfect drop assassinations, and scale buildings in a point-to-point race throughout the city. Each of these tests will no doubt run off of a different Corvo build, so you just might need to fine-tune things a bit. Either way, it’ll be the time to put your paranormal powers to the test.

Arkane has announced that more DLC will be on the way next year, but there aren’t any details on that just yet. We do know that the future content will focus on new story arcs, including a new one that lets you play as a major character in the Dishonored main storyline. I’m looking forward to all the add-on content I can grab for Dishonored, and it seems like Arkane is prepped to deliver to the fans.


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