Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 18, 2012

Litko Releases Custom Netrunner Tokens

I love Android: Netrunner. I am sure that when my time comes that very statement will be etched into my tombstone. With Fantasy Flight releasing news on Data Packs the general buzz about the game isn’t ceasing anytime soon. Even with all that on the plate, we’ve managed to stumble on to some even greater news for fans of the game.

A company named Litko has come up with some pretty sweet designs for the in-game tokens that players use to track certain things. They have released a pack that includes a full set of each type of token that’s been redesigned and cut from resin. The pack comes with:

24x 1 Credit Token
6x 5 Credit Token
6x Bad Publicity Token
12x Advancement Token
24x Tracking Tokens (red and purple)
6x Brain Damage Token
6x Tag Token

These are all the tokens two players need to play the game, and they conveniently all come in one set. The tokens are all brightly colored and will no doubt make the game even more enjoyable. I have been looking for custom tokens for a while, and this is like music to my ears. Litko has done an amazing job, and though you’ll have to shell out $40 for the set, it’s worth it to own something this cool for the game. Besides, if you have a second player in mind you could always split the cost which would make it $20 per player, and that’s not bad. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to order my tokens now.


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